Copper oxides

This is the official website of the Copper Oxides Project. Its intent is to collect and spread the knowledge of these compounds (Cu2O, CuO and others), very challenging and long studied materials with several applications.

The project provides a BibTeX database, CopperOxides.bib (see below), of all the known works, papers and books devoted to the oxides of copper. A printable version of the database, ordered alphabetically on the first author surname, is available also. Currently the database counts 911 records but it is not, obviously, complete.

Literature (Last update: 1 August 2010)

CopperOxides.bib (242 kB, zip compressed, download)
A BibTeX database of all works about the copper oxides.
CopperOxides.pdf (993 kB, download)
A printable version of CopperOxides.bib ordered alphabetically according to the family name of the first author. This file explains also some special features of the database and the conventions used to name the keys.
CopperOxides.html (177 kB, view)
An html table version of CopperOxides.bib. It was obtained by an automatic conversion of the BibTeX database, therefore it contains several wrong characters. Use at your risk.

We suggest the following softwares in order to use CopperOxides.bib with your preferred writing program.

JabRef and your preferred LaTeX editor
Microsoft Word
JabRef and BibTeX4Word
OpenOffice Writer
JabRef and OpenOffice plugin for JabRef

In the near future we will provide other format for the database. However the official format will always remain the BibTeX one.


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Last update: 1 August 2010

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